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Auto Insurance Policy Must-Haves

If you’re a Maryland resident, make sure you have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) on your policy. PIP is a no-fault insurance that will cover your medical bills and a percentage of lost wages (due to injuries) in the event of an auto accident, even if you were at fault. The cost is minimal, ranging from $50 - $100 per year and the minimum coverage amount is $2,500 which is well worth the investment. In Maryland, insurers are legally obligated to offer you PIP, if you waiv

Witnesses are Uber Important

If you are in an accident that is considered to be a side swipe (where another car comes into your lane, making contact with your car by scraping the side of your car as it is moving the same or opposite direction as your car) PLEASE GET AN UNBIASED WITNESS to the accident. An unbiased witness is usually someone you do not know. In a safe manner, try getting the attention of the car(s) behind you as they probably saw the whole thing and do not let them leave without giving yo

Top Ten Tips in Case of An Auto Accident

1. Stop (never flee from scene of accident) & call police (even if minor accident, a record is important) and/ or ambulance (if injured parties are in need of medical attention). 2. If possible move your car to a safe area. 3. Gather information/evidence (use your phone to take pictures of the scene, any injuries, damage to vehicles, license plates, insurance information). 4. Write down any witness information (this can make or break your case, if liability is not determined)

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