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Witnesses are Uber Important

If you are in an accident that is considered to be a side swipe (where another car comes into your lane, making contact with your car by scraping the side of your car as it is moving the same or opposite direction as your car) PLEASE GET AN UNBIASED WITNESS to the accident. An unbiased witness is usually someone you do not know. In a safe manner, try getting the attention of the car(s) behind you as they probably saw the whole thing and do not let them leave without giving you their contact information .

I know this is difficult during an emergency but it is necessary especially if you only have liability coverage.

Please note: I am licensed to practice law in MD & DC. Further, this is not legal advice as each situation gives way to its own unique advice. Lastly, please note, that a post/ad/blog does not create an attorney-client relationship, a consultation and signed agreement must take place before I provide official representation.

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